Project Management & Inspection

Orbitus project management team supports clients in managing their projects. Our expertise in the full spectrum of system integration and project management provide the technical and management expertise for successful execution of projects.

Orbitus manages projects from initial feasibility studies, preparing the costing and basic engineering for the customer, going through the system design, according the specifications, to final startup & commissioning, we can ensure that all components of the analytical system are well designed from the sample point at process pipeline to the DCS communications.

Projects will be delivered with documentation binders complete with drawings, manuals and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). Final onsite start up commissioning and training will be provided to ensure system specifications are met and personnel are trained.

Startup, Commissioning and training are provided by our experienced engineers as the final step, critical to the successful functioning and operation of process analyzer installations. Orbitus team has extensive knowledge in process Analyser, instrumentation, electrical, systems and mechanical, fabrication and inspection.

Our engineers supervise and Inspect all Instrument & Electrical Work on new installations based on the specific requirements of the projects, and applicable international standards. The inspection activities can be from testing the analyzers at manufacturers’ facilities, during system integration phase, up to final phase of commissioning, inspecting the analyzers only or the complete systems.