Annual Maintenance

Orbitus provides cost effective annual maintenance packages for the process Analysers and related systems. Our expertise in the complete Analyser system packages provides the customer peace of mind, avoiding added cost, and inconvenience of unexpected break downs and production down time.

We provide the comprehensive maintenance for all makes and models of process Analysers, HVACs, Sample conditioning systems and allied components.

We depute highly experienced Instrument, Electrical and Analyser engineers for turn-key services to site. Our Engineers and technicians have extensive experiences in the process instrument and analyser systems, system engineering and design, project management, reliability stewardship, Environmental compliance and maintenance management.

Analyser systems needs well planned and skilled maintenance to get reliable results of Analytical parameters. As part of the Annual maintenance, we plan and execute the spare parts support for the sampling system components.

Our Annual Maintenance program includes site survey for checking the functioning of the sampling systems & analysers and recommend appropriate solutions.

We offer complete maintenance programs, custom designed for your needs, to ensure system performance during the normal plant operation. The maintenance program is developed together with the customer, based on number of analyzer, their required maintenance period and how critical they are for the plant operation.

The maintenance program can includes the following types of maintenance:

  • Routine analyzer maintenance, performing systems verification, validation and calibration as required.
  • Corrective maintenance, our service can include “emergency” assistance on 24 hours to revise analyzers and systems not performing as expected.

We also carryout Process Analyzer Obsolescence Replacement Program